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2019年【独家视角】New Launching Application System CAAS

简介: 今天启程留学小编来向各位同学们介绍一下【独家视角】New Launching Application System CAAS。摘要CAAS系统有利于美国大学更好地选拔真正优秀的学生。比起高中最后一年开始着手本科留学的学生,对于已经早早开始考虑本科申请的学生来说,CAAS将帮助他们提高录取概率。BVH.SⅢ.VH.SⅢ美国凯尼恩学院荣誉硕士及哈佛大学法学博士曾在美国圣地亚哥大学、罗德岛。如果有任何留学问题可以随时添加启程留学顾问老师微信或QQ: 1119261。我们的官方网站是

摘 要CAAS系统有利于美国大学更好地选拔真正优秀的学生。比起高中最后一年开始着手本科留学的学生,对于已经早早开始考虑本科申请的学生来说,CAAS将帮助他们提高录取概率。

By Victor H. Sparrow Ⅲ

Victor H. Sparrow Ⅲ






Interpretation from Official Website


Why the Coalition?

The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success was developed to improve the college application process for all students as they search for and apply to their perfect college. The platform provides a single, centralized toolkit for students to organize, build, and refine their applications to numerous institutions.

In addition, Coalition members hold VALUES AND BELIEFS that align with recent RESEARCH which, among other things, demonstrates that students thinking about college early in high school beget higher application rates.

The letter from CAAS Board of Directors to High School Counselors

We represent the newly formed Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, a diverse group of more than 80 public and private colleges and universities around the country that have come together with the goal of improving the college admission application process for all students.

The Coalition is in the process of developing new college planning and application tools that will allow students to begin planning for college much earlier in high school. The platform tools, which will include a digital portfolio, a collaboration platform, and an application portal, seek to recast the college admission process as a natural culmination of high school rather than a single senior-year transaction.


The Coalition for Access, Affordability, Success (CAAS) iscomposed of almost all of anyone's top one hundred (100) colleges anduniversities in the United States. Members of the Coalition include a diversegroup of public universities that have affordable tuition along with need-basedfinancial aid for in-state residents and private colleges and universities that provide sufficient financial aid to meet the full, demonstrated financial need of every domestic student they admit.

It was founded for the express purpose of assisting minority students (blacks, Hispanics, and native Americans referredto as low-income and underrepresented )in the United States who have frequently have difficulty in application preparation and in completing the irdegree programs within six years. (The Coalition views the principal issues as informational as well as lack of financial means to attend and/or to complete their programs.)

The Coalition intends to accomplish its objectives through a single free on-linedigital tool for each student where all of the relevant information could be aggregated before the formal application process.

My only reservation regarding the student digital locker is that itinitially appears to be duplicative of some of the features and functionality of the Common Application.




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